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If you’re ready to start receiving faster and more automated traffic...and profits... then the free 47 Underground Traffic Generating Methods report will show you how.

To get the edge in your niche you have to be able to quickly attract traffic like a magnet.

The 47 tips in this report are all things you can start doing this week. They cover all the bases and will insulate you from Google “updates” (i.e. nightmares).

Stop struggling over complicated SEO strategies, PPC, expensive software and focus on what works.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • The 3 things you must do immediately to stop your articles from getting buried at the bottom of ezine article searches.
  • Warning! Uploading your articles one by one guarantees not as many people will read them. Discover the exact number of articles you should submit at one time to get the most views .
  • What to do to make sure your articles go viral and are read by people hungry to buy your solution to their problem.
  • Why you should NOT always put a link to a sales page or free report in article resource boxes and what you should put instead (this ramps up resource box clickthrus like nothing else I’ve seen).
  • The 4 mistakes that you're making right now in your video marketing that are costing you views... and profits.
  • The right way to drive thousands of visitors to your YouTube videos.
  • The #1 thing you must have in your marketing model to grow your business exponentially (overlook this and you're insane!).
  • Is social media killing your profits? Find out from data from my testing campaigns.
  • An untapped goldmine for receiving traffic from your free reports that almost no one else uses.(Your blood will run cold when you see how many opt-ins you’ve been missing out on.)
  • Does your squeeze page have one of these? If not, you're cutting your conversions by half (plus 4 other ways to dramatically increase your squeeze page conversions)..
  • A powerful method for wooing JV partners that guarantees they will finally stop ignoring you and start helping you boost your profits.
  • How cuss words and insulting language can INCREASE sales (yes, you read that right and, yes, it’s perfectly legal).
  • Why you need to stop overdoing it with the plugins on your blog if you want your blog to make money. Find out the ONE button your blog needs.
  • 10 completely free traffic methods you must start using right away if you want more targeted traffic and more profits. (When you get free targeted traffic you will ALWAYS make money.)
  • How to profit from the "waste" on your blog and “recycle” your visitors.
  • The best offline methods for selling ebooks (most marketers are too lazy to use these, so this will exponentially increase your profits.)
  • A “short cut” way to create a constant flow of profitable quality content that draws traffic and is “Google-proof”. (Google keeps punishing sites with crappy content so you can’t overlook this.)
  • An amazing resource section with 18 pages chock full of tools to help you in every area of your business (you don’t want to be without it as this section alone will save you tons of time and money).

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